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Established in 2008 in Shenzhen China, Established in 2008 in Shenzhen China, we set out to provide high quality anatomical models,human skeleton model,skeleton chart,skull model,spine model,Disarticulated skeleton,heart model. We have rich experienced engineering team to design creative, cost effective and durable structure, our rich experienced production and quality team assure the best delivery

JC anatomy extensive range of human skeleton models for sale are available

JC anatomy extensive range of human skeleton models for sale are available . In any setting, whether in the classroom, a clinic or a hospital, the scaled replicas provide a simple learning tool for engaged and pinpointed learning. Whether for individual self-study, or explanation in front of a lecture theatre, the learning tools provide a rich educational experience.

What Is a Human Skeleton Model?

Skeleton models are replicas of the human body. They provide an accurate representation of the human bone structure; this could range from a life-size skeleton to a more compact version. Therefore, a skeleton model can be used for anything that requires instruction on the bone structure of the human body.

What Are the Different Types of Skeleton Models That You Offer?

Our range of human body structures and models are life-size, half size and even desktop size. Our models include basic skeletons to models to models with muscles and ligaments, which include muscle insertions.

In addition to full skeletal systems, JC anatomy can provide customers with a representation of a part of the skeletal system, such as the rib cage. For example, you may have a need for a rib cage model to instruct your students. In this case, you may look at a rib cage model to add to your collection.

Aside from a rib cage model, there are other detailed models available at JC anatomy. So, if you need another model aside from the rib cage, be sure to check out all the skeleton models available at JC anatomy.

What Is an Anatomical Human Skeleton Model Used for?

In a clinical setting, a model of the human skeletal system is useful for preparing students for any upcoming procedures or explaining their condition to them in easy-to-understand terms. Allowing the patient full understanding of their own body, the models provide reassurance.

Skeletal systems can be used in other environments as well, so they are not only used for the education of patients. Many classroom environments use skeletal systems to teach their students about the bone structure of the human body. Therefore, it is not unusual for skeleton systems to be used in secondary schools, medical schools, and more.

In What Situations Do You Need Skeleton Models?

Ideal for chiropractors, doctors, physical therapists and other health care providers to illustrate complex explanations, skeleton models are used to aid students’ visualisation, therein helping them understand difficult concepts. Their sensory nature makes for simple retention and recollection of information in the future.

Hands-on students may rely on these skeleton models of the human body to allow them to practice new skills, particularly in First Aid training. In an entirely non-invasive and controlled context, the early years student is also able to demonstrate their ability to an examiner, for thorough and proper assessment before face-to-face assessments.

If you have questions about your education needs or the ordering process, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

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