88cm Half size human skeleton models

88cm Human Skeleton Model - Pro

This half size articulated human skeleton model is 88cm tall with painted muscles origins and insertions, very good for teaching / learning the basics of human anatomy. Includes a colorful Human Skeleton chart to show all the detailed structures for reference, a colorful muscle origins and inserts chart, and a colorful detailed bones definitions chart.


l  This model is scaled down from our most popular life-size model

l  Anatomical Correct

l  High Quality - High grade material, parts & workmanship

l  Multiple Applications - Doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturist, physical therapist, decoration, amusement, photography, etc.

l  Easy to use - Main joints are movable. Skull, skullcap arms, legs are removable.

l  Muscle chart - features with the codes and definitions with bones photos, 100cm x 38cm

l  Bones chart - detailed the bones with colored landmarks and definitions, 100cm x 38cm

l  Skeleton chart - detailed colorful chart with about 700 accurate definitions, 78cm x 36cm

l  All charts are colorful, durable and no reflection with matte film covered

l  Desktop version, portable

Product Details:

Skull, skullcap is removable

Lower jaw is movable to imitate the natural movement


Rib cage: A 3mm dia. stainless steel supporter makes the shape of rib cage always correct.

Upper limbs are very easy to attach /detach toollessly.

Lower limbs are easy to attach /detach toollessly too.

Femurs are removable.

The skeleton can rotate on the top of the stand. 

  • Carton Dimensions: ‏44cm*20cm*12cm‎ (17.32" x 7.87" x 4.72")
  • Product height: 88cm (34.6")
  • Product net weight: 1.4kgs (3 lbs)
  • Product gross weight: 2kgs (4.4 lbs)
  • TAG:Human Skeleton Model

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