Life-size Human skeleton models

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This life-size articulated adult human skeleton model is 180cm tall with painted muscles origins and inserts, ideal for teaching / learning human anatomy. Includes a human skeleton chart, a muscle origins and inserts chart, and a bones definitions chart.


lAnatomical Correct - Ideal for educational and medical use

lHigh Quality - High grade material, parts & workmanship, durable and washable

lMultiple Applications - Doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturist, physical therapist, decoration, amusement, photography, etc.

lMain joints are movable, arms, legs, skull, skullcap are removable

lStand on wheels for easy transport

lParts are pre-assembled

lMuscles origins(red) and insertions(blue) are painted on the left side of skeleton

lMuscle chart - features with the codes and definitions with bones photos, 100cm x 38cm

lBones chart - detailed the bones with colored landmarks and definitions, 100cm x 38cm

lSkeleton chart - detailed colorful chart with about 700 accurate definitions, 78cm x 36cm

lAll charts are colorful, duable and no reflection with matte film covered 

lFull size dust cover keeps model clean while in storage

Product Details:

Skull, Skullcap -  removable,

Lower jaw is movable to imitate the natural movement

Teeth are cast in a even better material which mimics the color and slight translucency of teeth surface perfectly


Spine: vertebral artery model (red) with cervical vertebrae, nerve roots (yellow) with whole spine, and a herniated lumbar disc.

Rib cage: A 5mm dia. stainless steel supporter makes the shape of rib cage always correct.

Upper limbs are very easy to attach /detach toollessly.

Stainless steel wires keep the ribs gaps stable.

Lower limbs are easy to attach /detach toollessly too. Femurs, crus, feet are removable.

The skeleton can rotate on the top of the stand. 

2 of 5 casters are lockable.

Skeleton Chart: 

Detailed colorful chart with over 630 accurate definitions.  Durable and no reflection with matte film covered,  36 * 78cm

Muscle Chart:

Detailed muscles origins and insertions with codes. Durable and no reflection with matte film covered,  100cm * 38cm

Bones Chart:

Features with colored landmarks and accurate definitions. Durable and no reflection with matte film covered,  100cm * 38cm

  • Carton Dimensions: ‏91cm*38cm*23cm‎ (35.83" x 14.96" x 9.06");  10.6kg (23.25 lbs)
  • Product height: 180cm (76.8")
  • Product net weight: 8.8kg (19.4 lbs)
  • Product gross weight: 13.8kgs11.8kgs (23.4 lbs)
  • How are the bones in the human skeleton model connected to each other?

The bones in the human skeleton model are connected to each other through joints, which are structures that allow for movement between bones. Joints can be classified into three main types: fibrous, cartilaginous, and synovial. 

Fibrous joints (also known as fixed or immovable joints) are connected by dense fibrous connective tissue and have little to no movement, such as the sutures in the skull. 

Cartilaginous joints (also known as slightly movable joints) are connected by cartilage and have limited movement, such as the joints between the vertebrae in the spine.

Synovial joints (also known as freely movable joints) are the most common type of joint and allow for a wide range of movement. These joints are connected by a joint capsule, which is a tough membrane, and are lined with synovial fluid, which lubricates the joint and reduces friction. Examples of synovial joints include the elbow, knee, and hip joints. 

In addition to the joints, the bones in the human skeleton model are also connected by ligaments, which are strong bands of connective tissue that hold bones together at the joints and provide stability. Muscles also play a role in connecting bones, as they attach to bones via tendons, allowing for movement and support.

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