Life-size Human skeleton models

skeleton human model

This life size articulated adult human skeleton model is 180cm tall & ideal for teaching / learning the basics of human anatomy. Includes a colorful Human Skeleton chart to show all the detailed structures for reference.


lAnatomical Correct - Ideal for educational and medical use

lHigh Quality - High grade material, parts & workmanship

lMultiple Applications - Doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturist, physical therapist, decoration, amusement, photography, etc.

lEasy to use - Main joints are movable. Skull, skullcap arms, legs, crus, feet are removable. 

lStand on wheels for easy transport

lChart - Detailed colorful chart with about 700 accurate definitions. Durable and no reflection with matte film covered,  36 * 78cm

lFull size dust cover keeps model clean while in storage

Human skeleton model
Product Details:

Skull, skullcap is removable

Lower jaw is movable to imitate the natural movement

Teeth are cast in a even better material which mimics the color and slight translucency of teeth surface perfectly


Spine: Features with vertebral artery model (red), nerve roots (yellow), and a herniated lumbar disc.

Rib cage: A 5mm dia. stainless steel supporter makes the shape of rib cage always correct.

Upper limbs are very easy to attach /detach toollessly.

Lower limbs are easy to attach /detach toollessly too.

Femurs, crus, feet are removable.

The skeleton can rotate on the top of the stand. 

2 of 5 casters are lockable.

  • Carton Dimensions: ‏91cm*38cm*23cm‎ (35.93" x 14.93" x 9.09");  10.6kg (23.25 lbs)
  • Product height: 180cm (70.7")
  • Product net weight: 8.8kgs (19.6 lbs)
  • Product gross weight: 10.6kgs (24.3 lbs)
  • Building a Human Skeleton Model: A Step-by-Step DIY Guide
  • Building a human skeleton model is a great way to learn about the structure of the human body. With the right supplies and instructions, you can create a life-sized, flexible model that can be used for teaching or just for display. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make your own human skeleton model.
  • Materials:
  • 1. Bones – The most important part of the skeleton model are the bones. You can either purchase a ready-made kit of fake bones, or you can make your own using everyday objects such as cardboard, foam, or wood.

  • 2. Glue – To put the skeleton model together, you’ll need glue. Hot glue and super glue are the best for this project.

  • 3. Wire – To connect the bones, use thin wire. Make sure to use wire that’s thick enough that it won’t break easily.

  • 4. Ruler – To measure the accurate lengths of wire and make sure the parts of the skeleton are the correct size.

  • Instructions:
  • 1. Gather the necessary bones. Depending on the kit you select, you may already have the bones or you’ll have to make them yourself.

  • 2. Start with the central spine. This is the core of the skeleton model and will be the starting point for the other bones. Connect the spine to other bones using wire, cutting the wire to the correct length with a ruler and connecting pieces with glue.

  • 3. Once all the bones are connected, you’re ready to create the joints. Bend the wire into small circles (or use a rubber band) to secure the joints and add flexibility to your skeleton model.

  • 4. Secure each joint so it can move when you pose the skeleton.

  • 5. Once all the connections are secure, it’s time to paint the model. Choose a colour that best resembles human skin and coat each bone.

  • 6. Your skeleton model is finished and ready to be posed and displayed.
  • Creating a human skeleton model is an enjoyable and educational experience. With a few craft supplies, you can create a realistic model of the human body to use for teaching or just for fun.

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